Maleficent Gloves

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POWER IN YOUR HANDSDo you command the mysterious powers of slumber, dreams, shapeshifting, and the occasional curse? Are you a mighty magic-user that has been horrifically insulted by being rejected by your lessers? Is it time to seek out retribution for the poor choices of those at the kingdom who need to know their place!? Well, all that sounds completely reasonable! They spent a ton of time planning out their invitations and your name should have been at the top


Plus, you'll have these mysterious gloves to go with your evil queen celebration attire as well! It's so magically versatile. nbsp

These gloves are the perfect thing to get the job done

Time to pull up your sleeves and get your hands dirty

Well, actually, that's not quite right.PRODUCT DETAILSWhy should one as elegant and powerful as you have to get your hands nbsp dirty No, rather the folks who snubbed you see just how sophisticated you are

With a shiny fabric and ruching on the edges, these fingerless gloves are as magical as Maleficient and the large ring will no doubt be noticed!NIGHTMARES OF REGRETAfter the kingdom folks learn the error of their ways from the sleeping curse you can place, they'll be sure your name is on the top of the lists from now on