Stack Of Skulls Candelabra

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Nothing says "Gothic decor" like a good candelabra


Candelabras come is a variety of different styles and finishes to fulfill all of your candle-lighting needsFor instance, our Stack of Skulls Candelabra is a bit more macabre than your typical candelabra

Each candle is shaped into stacks of skulls and the skull motif is used over the rest of the candelabra as well

Great for mansions, abandoned castles, vampire dinner tables, and crypts, candelabras are the classy way to light the room in case we've lost you, a candelabra is a fancy candle holder..

It'll easily add a bit of mood lighting to your room while looking gorgeously Gothic and macabre

It's about 26 tall, with three candles and LED flames

We thought you'd appreciate

And by fancy, we mean it usually holds multiple candles